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Cyber Security

For as long as there have been networks to exploit, there has been cybercrime. But in the decades since the advent of computing, it has gone from a nuisance pursued by lone hobbyists to a legitimate business threat – and a staple in the playbook of saboteurs, terrorists, and rogue nation states worldwide.

For businesses, the potential damage is huge – and they are often prime, high-profile targets. 
Your company’s first line of defence against cyber-attacks is not a firewall, an authentication system, or an IPS; these can all be important and effective tools, but a sufficiently determined hacker is likely to find a way around them.

Rather, it’s people: people with experience and fluency in protecting systems and applications, who develop strategies that prevent intrusion where they can – and provide a clear and definitive response in those rare cases where they can’t.


We have a strong and successful track record placing permanent and contract IT professionals into the following positions:

  1. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), CIO, CSO
  2. Security Manager/Security Director/SecOps Lead
  3. Network Security Manager
  4. Information Security Manager
  5. Security Engineer/Architect/SIEM Engineer/Security Device Engineer
  6. Security Analyst
  7. Security Specialist
  8. Security Administrator
  9. Fraud Analyst
  10. Penetration (Pen) Tester
  11. Risk Manager
  12. Pre-sales Consultants/Sales Engineers 


Our search capability expertise lies across the entire Cyber Security landscape, but our core strength is within the following:

  1. Network security
  2. Application security
  3. Endpoint security
  4. Data security
  5. Identity management
  6. Database and infrastructure security
  7. Cloud security
  8. Mobile security
  9. Disaster recovery/business continuity planning
  10. Digital Forensics

Latest Jobs

Senior Pre-Sales Engineer – SIEM Cyber Security Software UK/EMEA

Senior Sales Engineer – SIEM Cyber Security UK/EMEA – Remote £105,000 /£115,000k + 30% bonus and stock An opportunity to join a very well VC Funded vendor who has already established themselves as a leader in thier field. With a foothold in the UK and EMEA now is the time for them to further grwo the UK Sales and SE team with ambitious Pre-Sales Engineers who have an appetit...

London Salary: £105,000 /£115,000k + 30% bonus and stock Ref: JC1005 Posted: 3 months ago Read More

Pre-sales Engineer - Cloud and Micro-services Cyber Security

With over $35m+ in funding in under 2 years and winning 5 from 5 of their first enterprise pitches, the technology here is not only innovative but best of breed already and solving a critical issue facing any enterprise with cloud services and a distributed computing network. Securing Docker, Containers, Kuberntes and Devops cycles with one solution reduces vulnerabilities c...

United States Salary: Up to $240000 per annum + Stock + Bonus + Company Benefits Ref: JC1004 Posted: 3 months ago Read More

Senior Channel Pre-Sales Engineer

Senior Channel SE A hugely disruptive cyber security mature start-up is rapidly expanding its team and is now looking for the first Channel Sales Engineer in the EMEA region. Heavily backed, incredible client list and a game changing product they’re looking to take things to the next level. After an incredible start in North America it’s now time to grow the EMEA region. To ...

London Salary: Up to £110000 per annum + 20 Bonus + STOCK +Company Benefits Ref: JC1002 Posted: 3 months ago Read More

Senior Sales Engineer - Next Gen Cyber Security Software

An exciting opportunity has arisen with a fantastic Security Vendor with phenomenal technology! They offer a cloud-based security solution that enables enterprises to secure all apps for their users on all devices. Based in the US, they are now looking for an A-player Senior Sales Engineer to join the EMEA team. JOB TITLE: Senior Sales Engineer EMEA LOCATION: London PACKAGE:...

London, England Salary: £80000 - £90000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: JC 2001 Posted: about 1 month ago Read More

Our Clients

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