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IT Services Sales - UK

Whether you are a client looking for exceptional Sales or IT Technical talent, or a candidate looking for that "special" move, CD IT Recruitment are the recognised industry experts in the IT Services Sales sector. 

What do we do 

  • We introduce exceptional Sales & IT Technical talent into the hottest IT Services & ICT organisations in the UK;
  • Knowledge is power! We have over 120 years of combined knowledge in our recruitment teams & a huge network of talent; 
  • We are proud to work with many of the most prolific IT Services & ICT companies in the UK; 
  • Often working on an exclusive basis, we have built many high performing Sales & Technical teams from scratch; 

Our Service

We offer Clients a bespoke service to match their specific recruitment needs. Our core services are: 

  1. Master Vendor Agreement / RPO
  2. Retained Search
  3. Exclusive Search
  4. Contingency Search 


Our core strength lies within the following industry sectors:  

  1. ICT / Managed Hosting
  2. Hosting
  3. Managed Services
  4. Virtualisation
  5. Cloud Computing
  6. Networks & Comms
  7. Datacentre Services
  8. Colocation
  9. Outsourcing
  10. Application Services​

Latest Jobs

Senior Business Development Manager

This is a great opportunity to join an exciting application development consultancy. They have recently taken on a new Managing Director to accelerate their growth in the EMEA market. JOB TITLE: Senior Business Development Manager LOCATION: London PACKAGE: £120K Base, £240k OTE + Benefits COMPANY INFORMATION - Part of the multimillion turnover group - Established in 2002 and...

London, England Salary: £120000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: IH070817H_1502381556 Posted: 9 days ago Apply Now

Sales Specialist

One of the fastest-growing Salesforce partners is looking for a Business Development Manager to continue their growth in the UK market. My client has doubled in turnover and size in the last 3 years. JOB TITLE: Salesforce Services Sales Specialist LOCATION: London PACKAGE: £100K Base, £200k OTE + Benefits COMPANY INFORMATION - Established 1999 - US HQ, UK office in London, B...

London, England Salary: £100000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: IH070817G_1502381165 Posted: 9 days ago Apply Now

Business Development Manager

A carrier-agnostic network managed services company is looking to continue their growth in the UK. They are an EMEA-based start-up, and are looking to hire a new Business Development Manager based out of their London office. JOB TITLE: Business Development Manager - Network managed services LOCATION: London PACKAGE: £90K Base, £154K OTE + Benefits COMPANY INFORMATION - Estab...

London, England Salary: £90000 per annum Ref: IH070817F_1502380343 Posted: 9 days ago Apply Now

Business Development Manager

A private equity funded hot UK start-up is looking for another Business Development Manager to join their growing business in the UK. They have recently acquired a software vendor to add to their portfolio, therefore they are looking for an individual ideally with a proven track record within security to assist with their EMEA growth. JOB TITLE: Business Development Manager ...

London, England Salary: £80000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: IH070817E_1502363069 Posted: 9 days ago Apply Now

Our Clients

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