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Our Sectors

  • From our offices in Europe & the USA, we build high-performing IT Sales and IT Technical teams for Technology Vendors experiencing hyper growth;
  • Since 1998, we have sourced over 14,000 "Rock Stars" for our clients, in 23 countries across 6 continents;
  • We introduce our clients to "A-Players" that other recruiters fail to find;
  • Working on a retained or exclusive basis with our clients, we source the talent they crucially need in order to achieve their growth & exit goals;
  • With a current headcount of 50 talented recruiters across 3 offices, we are growing! 

We operate niche teams within the following practice areas in the UK, Europe & the USA:

IT Sales Teams:

  • Typically placing SVP Internationals, VP EMEA's, SD's, Sales Managers, Account Executives, and Channel Executives into Big Data, BI, Analytics, Social, Marketing, Digital, Cloud Apps, Cloud Infrastructure, and Cyber Security Vendors.​

​IT Technical Teams:

  • Typically placing Pre-Sales / SE's, Architects, Consultants, Engineers, CSM's, and Support.
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    Software SalesUK

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    Software SalesEurope

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    Software SalesUSA

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    IT Services Sales

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    Applications & Infrastructure

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    Big Data

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    Cyber Security

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