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Cloud Architect - Data Warehouse, BI and Big Data Technology

One of the world's most successful Data Warehousing, BI and Big Data technology solutions providers has an urgent need to hire a Cloud Architect. You will work with Enterprise Clients and drive the company's Cloud capabilities. You will be pivotal in promoting a new range of Cloud-based products (Database, Data tool...

England Salary: £80000 - £100000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PI070316B Posted: about 13 hours ago Read More

Senior Pre-Sales Consultant - E-Commerce Platform Technology

We are currently working with one of the fastest growing SaaS vendors in the world right now. Their growth is only comparable to a few years ago and they are looking to grow their UK Pre-Sales team ASAP. They offer their customers an end-to-end e-commerce software platform delivered in the cloud (mult...

London Salary: £75000 - £85000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PI140116 Posted: about 13 hours ago Read More

Pre Sales Consultant - Accountancy Software

This is an opportunity to join a world leader that offers financial automation software to Enterprise clients across the globe. Due to their continued success and an ever-growing client base, they are looking to add a Senior Pre Sales Consultant to support a world class sales team across Europe. JOB TITLE: Pre Sales...

London Salary: £60000 - £80000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PI080216 Posted: about 13 hours ago Read More

Pre-Sales Consultant ** Bespoke SW Applications **

You will be joining the UK's leading provider of business process outsourcing and integrated professional support services. They provide market leading financial and bespoke software, and have a presence in all key markets across the UK, Ireland and Hong Kong. Listed on the LSE this is an opportunity to join an orga...

England Salary: £55000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PI290116B Posted: about 13 hours ago Read More

Software Developer (Java)

One of the world's fastest growing software technology companies has an urgent need to hire a superstar Java Developer. You will focus on their award winning Universal Messaging software that allows companies to seamlessly communicate throughout the enterprise. This company grew worldwide revenues by 390% last year,...

London Salary: £40000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB270416D Posted: about 13 hours ago Read More

Data Centre Engineer

The role of Data Centre Technician is to provide assistance to the Data Centre Supervisor in building and maintaining infrastructure to support my clients' customers. You will be responsible for the resolution of hardware issues, deployment of new systems, reinstallation of operating systems as required, as well as ...

Hemel Hempstead Salary: £32000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB230316B Posted: about 13 hours ago Read More

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Senior Consultant needed for the fastest growing BI start-up in the world. Excellent opportunity to develop your career and help shape the European operation. JOB TITLE: Senior Business Intelligence Consultant - Fastest growing Global BI start-up LOCATION: South East / Home Based PACKAGE: Basic: £60K - £85K + 20% Bo...

South East England Salary: £60000 - £85000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: RJP040412 Posted: about 13 hours ago Read More

Pre-Sales Consultant - Software - Travel and Expense Management

We are currently working with the leading provider of Spend Management technology, specifically Travel and Expense Management software. Due to rapid growth, they are looking to add to their Pre-Sales team in the UK. Apply now to join a very exciting Pre-Sales team. JOB TITLE: Pre-Sales Consultant - Software - Travel...

London Salary: £65000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB090316 Posted: about 13 hours ago Read More

Senior Implementation Consultant- Software - Pre-IPO PPM Vendor

This is an opportunity to work as the 3rd dedicated UK Professional Services Consultant to help grow my client's EMEA offering off the back of huge success in the US. They specialise in Online Project Management Software (Project Portfolio Management vendor), and are currently in the middle of a rapid growth phase a...

London Salary: £60000 - £75000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB200416A Posted: about 13 hours ago Read More

Senior Pre-sales Executive - Hot start up in APM Software

One of the most exciting and fastest growing APM (Application Performance Management) software vendors has an urgent need to hire experienced Pre-sales Executives to work alongside their highly successful sales team. The technology is award winning and they have been consistently voted as having the best technology ...

London Salary: £75000 - £90000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB200416 Posted: about 13 hours ago Read More

Sales Engineer

** VC BACKED MOBILE APP PLATFORM PROVIDER ** My client's unified platform allows leading Enterprises to take new digital products to market, delight online users, and educate global populations. It allows both large and small companies to reinvent themselves by developing and deploying applications at the speed of i...

London Salary: £50000 - £80000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB250416 Posted: about 13 hours ago Read More

Product Marketing Manager

My client is looking for an energetic and experienced Product Marketing Manager to drive product deliverables for a large telecom partner. You will work with partners, business development, channel sales, marketing, design, and engineering counterparts to lay out product plans, get everyone aligned, and execute rele...

London Salary: £55000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB170516A Posted: about 13 hours ago Read More

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Why choose CD Recruitment?

  • Since 1996 we have placed over 8,000 candidates in 23 countries, across 6 continents
  • We build high performing Sales & IT Technical teams across the UK, Europe & Internationally
  • Our clients are typically high-growth VC backed technology vendors, but we work with Global Giants as well