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Senior Technical Support Engineer - sales enablement platform

Our client, a Sales Enablement market-leading Unicorn, is looking to build out their EMEA Support team with a superstar Technical Support Engineer who loves getting down and dirty, solving the customer's problems. Their client base is growing at a remarkable rate and consists of the leading B2B companies across the ...

Maidenhead / London Salary: £36000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB201016_1487955470 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Senior Java Developer

A market leading FX trading business is looking to build up their Development team with a Java Multithreading superstar. You will work on both feature development and a mixture of greenfield projects for their clients. This is a chance to join a small and highly specialised team with a huge impact on technology that...

London / Reading Salary: £70000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB030217_1487955399 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Implementation Consultant - Leading Social Engagement vendor

A leading social engagement vendor is looking to add to their delivery team due to an ever-growing customer base, which consists of some of the largest retailers & car manufacturing businesses in the world. The right candidate will be joining a fast-paced business whose product truly sets it apart from its competito...

London / Reading Salary: £40000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB301116A_1487955130 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Solutions Architect - NoSQL / Big Data / Open Source / Apache

Looking to be part of an overachieving consulting team in one of the top 20 Pre-IPO companies of 2016? Look no further, my client has seen a very impressive 2016 with performance in excess of 150%, thus driving the need to expand their Solutions Architecture practice. JOB TITLE: Solutions Architect - NoSQL / Big Dat...

South East England / South West England / North East England / North West England / East Midlands / West Midlands / London Salary: £100000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB110117_1487955036 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Sales Engineer - Who's shaking up the ID Management space?

Our client is completely shaking up the Identity Management space, they are now building out their Sales Engineering team with a pre-sales superstar. This is an incredible time to join the EMEA team in its early stages with an opportunity to grow and manage your own team in the future. They have been experiencing ne...

London / Reading Salary: Negotiable Ref: PB200117_1487954982 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Sales Engineer - Data Integration Market Leader

The market leader in Data Integration software is looking to build out their Sales Engineering team with a superstar to take their message to market. Being the lead partner for many of the cloud providers, they have firmly established themselves as the go-to expert over the other players in the space across the UK &...

South East England / South West England / North East England / North West England / East Midlands / West Midlands / London Salary: £80000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB300117_1487954933 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Sales Engineer

In a busy and complex world, where everyone and everything is connected by technology, experiences matter more than ever. Smartphones and tablets are an inexorable part of our existence. Mobile usability directly impacts the quality of an experience, while great experiences create the loyalty and trust that enable b...

London / Reading Salary: £80000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB210217A_1487954692 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Sales Engineer- Machine Learning Security as a Service provider

The leading Security as a Service provider is looking to rapidly build out their Sales Engineering team with talented security specialists. They've become the recognised leader thanks to several independent sources, this is due to their ability to utilise Machine Learning in a way that their competitors can only tal...

London / Reading Salary: £80000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB060217B_1487954603 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Senior Professional Services Consultant

***VC BACKED*** Looking for an ambitious Professional Services Consultant to join one of the fastest growing Software Virtualization companies with a global presence!! My client provides software to help organisations manage their entire infrastructure in real time. With over 400 employees and offices across the wor...

Reading / London Salary: £90000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB111116_1487954002 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Project Manager - Leading EMM Business

My client is a global communications leader that revolutionized the industry with its introduction in 1999. Today they provide products and services from messaging to enterprise mobility, and are relied on by millions of individuals every day to securely and efficiently connect them to the content and people that ma...

London / Reading Salary: £75000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB291116A_1487953870 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Pre-Sales Engineer - Cyber Security Software

As a member of the Pre-Sales Cyber Security team, you will be joining a recognised leading software vendor with an outstanding reputation, majority market share, and known for its services, delivery and customer retention. You will take charge and drive the technical sales efforts, plus work in a team of busy and su...

London / Reading Salary: £65000 - £70000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB050117A_1487953826 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Sales Engineer - BMP

We are currently looking for a Sales Engineer professional to join a market leader in the BPM community!! With over 150 staff globally and customers located across the globe, this could be a great time to join a company that have just been acquired by an organisation with over 70,000 staff!! Working with some of the...

Germany Salary: €100000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB250117_1487953710 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

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Why choose CD Recruitment?

  • Since 1996 we have placed over 8,000 candidates in 23 countries, across 6 continents
  • We build high performing Sales & IT Technical teams across the UK, Europe & Internationally
  • Our clients are typically high-growth VC backed technology vendors, but we work with Global Giants as well