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Management Consultant

Founded in Europe over a decade ago by 2 extremely successful and experienced management consultants, the company has now started up in the UK. Their integrated approach focuses on delivering measurable results, working closely together with client teams on their biggest challenges. They work closely with many Proce...

London, England Salary: £60000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: AC200717_1500567296 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Business Development Manager

New and exciting Wholesale Business Development Manager vacancy to work for a market leading, well-funded and well-established networking operator in an end-to-end sales role, focusing on selling into the carrier market. JOB TITLE: Business Development Manager LOCATION: London PACKAGE: £50k base, £100k OTE and full ...

London, England Salary: £50000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: AC190717A_1500565508 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Business Development Manager

Our client, voted Sunday Times Best Company to Work For, is looking for a New Logo salesperson to attract new customers to the business and exploit cross sell opportunities within existing accounts. JOB TITLE: Business Development Manager - Cloud Managed Services LOCATION: West London PACKAGE: Up to £90k Basic, £180...

London, England Salary: £90000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: AC190717_1500565028 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Enterprise Account Executive

Our client is a leader in the enterprise project management space who have already had unprecedented success in EMEA. They are now searching for an experienced software salesperson who knows how to build relationships with a variety of decision makers within a business. This is an opportunity to not just win busines...

London, England Salary: £80000 - £90000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: DS170717A_1500560665 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Sales Leader - Software

Our client is a market leader in their field, working with enterprise companies in a wide variety of sectors. They are now looking for a successful individual to take them to the next level through driving results and the hiring of experienced people. This is a rare opportunity to work with an outstanding leadership...

London, England Salary: £120000 - £130000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: DS170717_1500559885 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Sales Engineer

The leader in Digital Marketing has a huge opportunity for a Pre-Sales Solutions Consultant; you will join them as they look to massively ramp up their sales organisation. Through strong VC backing, this profitable business has invested heavily in their product and that has brought it way above the competition. Bein...

London, England Salary: £70000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB170717A_1500545888 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Business Development Manager

A leading global Tier 1 IT consultancy is looking to grow out their offshoring operations. This is a huge opportunity to join a global brand in a well-supported new logo role! You will be the driving force behind this already well-established business, selling their vendor agnostic application consultancy services. ...

London / Reading Salary: £100000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: AC270617_1500544358 Posted: 3 days ago Read More

Sales Engineer

A leading Ecommerce vendor is looking to add a rock star Sales Engineer to help take their message to market, and help drive massive revenue gains for their clients. This platform completely removes the headache of online commerce for retailers and drastically increases online revenue. They are widely accepted as th...

London / Reading Salary: £50000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: PB170717_1500483116 Posted: 4 days ago Read More

Enterprise Sales

This VC-backed bleeding edge technology solutions provider is growing at a phenomenal rate with huge growth plans in place for 2017! In this Enterprise Sales role you will sell enterprise level consultancy services, IT transformation, application virtualisation, big data and application transformation. JOB TITLE: En...

London / Reading Salary: £100000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: AC170317_1500396307 Posted: 5 days ago Read More

Business Development Manager

Our client is a HOT SaaS start-up in one of the fastest emerging markets. They are currently looking for a new business sales person to sell their Robotic Process Automation platform. JOB TITLE: Business Development Manager LOCATION: London, South East PACKAGE: £60k Basic, £150k OTE uncapped, plus full benefits pack...

London / Reading Salary: £60000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: AC200317_1500396248 Posted: 5 days ago Read More

Sales Specialist

A leading IT infrastructure company currently has a great opportunity to join one of their most successful sales teams as a Datacenter Sales Specialist in an overlay sales role. JOB TITLE: Datacenter Overlay Sales Specialist LOCATION: London, South East PACKAGE: £65k Basic, Realistic £150k+ OTE uncapped, plus full b...

London / Reading Salary: £65000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: AC310317C_1500395636 Posted: 5 days ago Read More

Account Manager

A leading IT infrastructure company currently has a rare opportunity to join their successful sales team as an Account Manager. This is a strategic New Business and Account Development role selling into Target Accounts and Existing Billing Accounts. JOB TITLE: Account Manager LOCATION: London, South East PACKAGE: £5...

London / Reading Salary: £50000 per annum + Company Benefits Ref: AC310317B_1500395569 Posted: 5 days ago Read More

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Why choose CD Recruitment?

  • Since 1996 we have placed over 8,000 candidates in 23 countries, across 6 continents
  • We build high performing Sales & IT Technical teams across the UK, Europe & Internationally
  • Our clients are typically high-growth VC backed technology vendors, but we work with Global Giants as well